Benjamin Marshall Book Seeks Images / Information

The Benjamin Marshall Society needs your help!

The Benjamin Marshall Society is preparing a book about Benjamin Marshall’s architecture, life and impact on Chicago -- our own urban environment. This will be the first such book on this important Chicago design personality and we need you to help us on many different fronts, including helping us locate publishable rare historic photos and printed memorabilia about his works. Did you or your family members attend any dinners at the Drake, Edgewater Beach, or Blackstone Hotels, or perhaps see performances at , say, the Blackstone theater? Do you have any photographic souvenirs tucked away in an album from one of those events from long ago? Please get in touch with us if you have any rare brochures, photos, postcards, or other historic visual materials that might enrich the photographic content of our book which is scheduled for a fall-winter 2014 release. We’ll borrow and return any and all items, and scan those that will be used in the book.  For further information contact the society through: benmarshallsociety@yahoo.com